Five Great Painting Tips

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Red is your favourite colour? You feel that blue makes your room a bit too cold? Perhaps you are turned off by the different shades of green? There are many things to think about when you are choosing those hues that are going to adorn your walls. Choosing the right colour, the shade that is going to suit your room while also suiting your mood. The colours that you choose, usually with will have an effect on your mental state and even your physical well-being. The colours that we use are personal to our tastes and to how we relate to the colours.

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Advice for choosing the colour that will best suit your home:

1. Don’t go big, start small 

So the first bit of advice that we can give you is to start off small and experiment when you are choosing colour. Start off your colour experimentation in the smallest room of your home, this gives you the chance to see an almost immediate result. The room can be painted quickly and the final colour outcome will be easily seen. Choose the colour that you are thinking about using and then paint the room, or let the painters that you have chosen in Johannesburg do the painting for you.

2. Think about how you feel in each room in your home, each room has a mood

The kitchen might have a warm family feeling while your bedroom might have a calm vibe. Each mood in each room is easily reflected by a colour and it is important that you capture that colour. Cool colours that are soft and toned down are ideal for those calmer areas where you want to unwind, while brighter, bolder colours are better suited for areas where you are going to be social and energetic. Social rooms, such as your lounge and your kitchen are better suited having warmer colours, such as oranges and reds, rather than the cooler or neutral colours you might use in your bedroom. When you have painters in Johannesburg giving you painting advice, they might tell you that in your child’s room a warmer, energetic colour is suitable but that it should still be peaceful. 

3. Know how to combine your lighting and your paint 

The different types of light can make the colour look a little lighter or darker, depending on the types of light that will be in the room after the paint is applied. Here are some things that you need to know about the light and your paint: Your paint is going to be closest to its truest colour when it is viewed in the daylight. If you are looking to bring out the warmth of the colours then you should view the colour under an incandescent light. And finally the best ways to see the cooler tones in the colour is to view it under a fluorescent light. This changes the colour completely as a bold colour might be toned down when it is not in direct light so you will have the choice of moving it to an opposite wall. 

4. Test before you apply it 

This tip falls under the try before you buy idea, and you are going to be better off testing your colours on a large poster or on a section of your wall before you apply it all over the wall. When you are testing the colours, this is your perfect opportunity to try colours you might never have thought of using before. Try greens, browns and blues, and see how you feel about them. You never know, your eye might like what it sees!

5. Use a colour wheel 

They are available in almost any shop that sells paint and they can be provided by most painters in Johannesburg, the colour wheel is able to give you a better idea about which colours are going to be best complimented by each other. When you see how colours can complement one another you might just find yourself falling in love with a colour you never expected to like. If you are not sure how to use the wheel you can always ask the painters in Johannesburg to assist you in using it. Painters in Johannesburg come in all varieties and their skill and experience will ensure that you get only the best service. You need professional painters to give you the best possible job and in order to do that make sure that you are hiring the right people for the job. If you are looking for great quality painters in Johannesburg, then Paint Pros is where you will find them.

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