From Dreams to Reality Part Three: AI Design with Homestyler

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Homestyler is an online platform that offers a range of features to assist you in designing and planning your home renovation or decoration projects. With the ability to create both 2D and 3D designs, Homestyler allows you to visualize your ideas and gain inspiration from thousands of existing designs



If you've always dreamed of creating your dream home, Homestyler can help turn that dream into a reality. By providing tools for designing floor plans, selecting furniture and decor, and generating realistic 3D renderings, this platform ensures that you have everything you need to bring your vision to life. Additionally, the Homestyler community is available for support and feedback throughout the design process.

  • Even if all you have is a floor plan image or a simple sketch, Homestyler can still be beneficial. With its Autostyler feature, which generates designs with just one click, turning your ideas into tangible plans becomes effortless. 

  •  One important aspect when considering any project is budgeting. Fortunately, Homestyler has got that covered as well. By allowing users to export bills of materials and easily coordinate with contractors and suppliers, this platform simplifies the process of planning expenses for home renovations. Making sure things stay on track financially while enjoying the experience.

  • Homestlyer provides flexibility by offering mobile app downloads so that users can access their design capabilities anywhere at any time. Whether it's uploading a photo of your space or starting from scratch on-the-go,the mobile app ensures convenience in creating beautiful designs.

Apart from interior designers and homeowners, real estate agents and retailers can also benefit from its design, modelling and rendering capabilities. For example, a real estate agent can save on staging costs for selling a home by utilising Homestyler for virtual staging.        


                                                                    Image: Homestyler


    Subscription is offered in a number of packages:

    • Basic (free option)

    • Pro (paid option for individuals allowing 75 renders per month)

    • Master (paid option for individuals with unlimited renders per month)

    • Team (paid option for teams, similar features as Master package)

    • Enterprise (similar to Teams but with customised features)




                                                      Image: Homestyler

If you would prefer not to subscribe to the platform, you can purchase credits as and when required. The flexibility around pricing and the sense of community are Homestyler's two main advantages in comparison to other design tools currently in the market. Try Homestlyer now for some design inspiration!

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