Discover the Ultimate Household Services App: Introducing Groom

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In our fast-paced world, where time is precious, discovering reliable home maintenance services just got simpler with the introduction of Groom – the ultimate multiservice app designed to meet a variety of household needs.

Groom is a user-friendly platform accessible via the desktop or mobile app which offers an extensive selection of services tailored to simplify daily living. Examples of some of the services on offer are:

·       -Plumbing

·       -Electrical work

·      - Appliance repairs

·       -Tree felling

·       -Custom-made furniture

·       -Pest control

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Key Features of Groom:


1. Comprehensive Solutions: Groom is a one-stop hub, providing an extensive range of services for every conceivable household need – be it a plumbing emergency, home renovation, or pest control.


2. Convenience Redefined:Say goodbye to the hassle of finding trustworthy service providers. Groom provides detailed job descriptions, allowing users to match their needs with skilled professionals, saving time and effort.


3. Trust and Reliability: Groom prides itself on delivering services that users can trust. Every task is handled by experienced professionals, ensuring quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.


4. Empowering Service Providers: Groom isn’t just for consumers; it’s a platform that empowers service providers as well. The service rollout has commenced in the Gauteng province and will soon expand nationwide, offering lucrative opportunities for handymen, carpenters, movers, and other professionals to expand their careers.


5. User-Friendly Experience: Groom’s intuitive interface makes it effortless for users to hire local professionals. Detailed job descriptions, duration, location, and pay details in rands are provided, empowering users to make informed choices.


6. Safety Priority: Groom ensures the safety and peace of mind of customers and service providers with its panic alert feature, available for both users and professionals.


7. Seamless In-App Payments: Groom's user journey is made more convenient through in-app payments for tasks, providing a hassle-free experience for all users.


“Groom is not just an app; it’s a lifestyle solution,” said Bernard B Khumalo, Chief Fixer at Groom. “We understand the challenges individuals face in managing their homes amidst busy schedules. Groom is here to simplify these challenges, providing reliable services at the tap of a finger. Whether you need a plumber, a painter, or assistance with moving, Groom is your trusted partner”. Groom is now available for download on both Apple Store and Google Play.

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