Harvey EcoTile - For the Environmentally Conscious Homeowner

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Harvey EcoTile is an innovative new roof tile which is a lightweight and durable alternative to concrete roof tiles. The EcoTile is made from recycled material making it ideal for the environmentally conscious homeowner.

Due to the EcoTile being lighter than traditional roofing material, the foundations and structure to support the roof are in turn designed to carry a lighter load. This results in cost savings in comparison to the structure that would be required to carry a traditional roofing covering. 

The EcoTile's lighter weight does not in any way affect its strength as the interlocking fixing method it uses ensures a strong and weatherproof covering over your home. The Harvey EcoTile is the perfect way to go green on your roofing!

                                                                               Image: Pixabay

For more information, contact Albie Jordaan of Harvey Roofing Products on 011-741 5600/ a/  Harvey Roofing Products 

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