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Home improvement retailers like Cashbuild and Italtile have reported double-digit growth in turnover over the past year as South Africans have taken on more renovation projects during the lockdown period. But what if you have neither the time nor the patience for a building project? Enter the xPod - the xPod is an innovative prefabricated building designed to be both affordable and environmentally friendly. Prefabrication or modular construction describes a method of construction where a building is manufactured off-site as a kit of parts which is then assembled on site. With a sturdy steel frame, insulated lightweight concrete wall panels, and a mono-pitch roof for rainwater run-off, the xPod’s versatile and customisable design is an eco-friendly solution for additional space.

The xPod comes in three different models which can be configured to suit to a range of living needs and environments. Its design allows you to choose from a variety of finishes, layouts, doors, windows, and other features to suit your lifestyle. The xPod is multi-functional and the space can serve as a work-from-home office, gym or playroom, for example.               

Pricing varies between R89 750 to R106 950 for the top of the range model (inclusive of installation but excluding delivery). The manufacture of the xPod takes two to three weeks, depending on the design options selected and installation takes one to two days. An important feature in an era of frequent power outages is the solar starter kit which can be purchased at an additional cost to take the xPod off-grid.

While the xPod was initially only available in Johannesburg and surrounding areas, it is now being delivered to Cape Town as well. Plans are underway to service other regions across the country in the future. For the customer’s peace of mind, the various components that make up the xPod have guarantees attached to them and each unit is delivered with the relevant certificates of compliance.

Pre-fabrication offers the advantage of faster installation, higher quality and lower environmental costs. If speed and quality are what you need, the xPod may just be what you are looking for. The xPod is available for purchase directly via the website or from Builders Warehouse (Builders Warehouse is able to arrange purchase of the xPod on credit).

                       Source: Multiply Holdings

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