The costs listed below are based on the following assumptions:

  • Site based in Gauteng.
  • Normal ground conditions.
  • Costs are dated December 2023 with no provision for escalation/ inflation.

The following items are excluded from the costs:

  • Land
  • Loose furniture and fittings (mirrors, curtains, artwork, etc)
  • Professional fees (architect, engineer, quantity surveyor, etc).
  • NHBRC registration fees.
  • Municipal plan approval fees
  • Rezoning,sub-division or town planning fees
  • Value-added tax (VAT)

Please note that rates per metre or per square metre are averages and costs on your project may differ based on region, site topography, ground conditions, architectural style, choice of finishes and source of materials (local or imported).

Residential Building Costs Per Square Metre in South Africa

  • Single-storey house with low-cost finishes - R3 500 - R4 600/m2 (based on a gross building area of 40m square metres)
  • Single-storey house with standard finishes - R7 100 - R8 100/m2 (based on a gross building area of 150m square metres) 
  • Single-storey house with upmarket finishes - R10 100 - R20 200/m2 (based on a gross building area of 500 square metres)
  •  Double-storey house with luxury finishes - R20 200 - R30 400/m2 (based on a gross building area of 1000 square metres)
  • Double-storey house with ultra-luxury finishes - R30 400/m2 + (based on a gross building area of 1200 square metres)

Boundary Wall/ Brick Wall Fence

Boundary wall 2.1m high including foundations and precast coping - R3 440/m